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Electric Sideloader

The Cosmos Baumann Sideloader is the top of the line Baumann Electric SIDELOADER. It is available in capacities ranging from 4,400 to 15,000 lbs. This broad range of lift capacities combined with various platform widths and lift heights allows Baumann to offer the Cosmos in a configuration suitable for most narrow aisle applications.

The Cosmos 1, the first in the series of Cosmos Models, is for lighter duty applications. With lift capacities ranging from 4,400 to 15,000 lbs., it is well suited to many of todayís material handling applications.

This Baumann Electric SIDELOADER is designed with flexibility in mind. Whether you are looking at an existing application with narrow aisles, long loads, tricky to maneuver areas, or you are designing a new storage space and donít want to be constrained by the limitations of the equipment, consider the flexibility of the Cosmos.


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