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Model HX

Diesel or LPG Sideloader

The Baumann sideloader prime series represents superior performance engineered into a compact design. This sideloader is designed for use in a variety of applications from pipe to flat sheet metal stock to lumber and more.

As a sideloader, the Prime offers the advantage of reduced aisle width, allowing for the storage of much more material in the same amount of storage space. A traditional front loading forklift requires aisle widths that not only accommodate the length of the load, but also additional width to allow the forklift to turn into the storage area, deposit or pick up the load and then maneuver out again. With a sideloader, not only is the aisle width much lower, which increases the storage density, but the entire operation is safer. The Baumann Prime just drives along side the load, picks it or drops it off, pulls in its forks and away it goes. Safe and simple operation defines the very nature of this modern sideloader.


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